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Tsugaru Old Fashioned Set - Forest Green & Sunshine

Tsugaru Old Fashioned Set - Forest Green & Sunshine

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This Old Fashioned set of glasses is handcrafted in Japan using glassmaking methods over 200 years old. 

Inspired by nature, the colors of this set reflect vibrant green hues of the forest and a luxurious sprinkle of gold leaf, reminiscent of the sun's rays. 

The detailed wrinkles at the bottom of the glass offers a comfortable grip.

Manufacturing & Materials

The Tsugaru Handblown Collection portrays an infinite expression of an ever-changing scenery of mother nature through use of expressive colors.

Each individually handcrafted glass is made to tell a story of the four seasons. The soft pink hues of spring cherry blossoms, vitality of summer festivals, golden shades of autumn foliages, and the calmness of winter snow.

Each glassware is formed from a scorching red 1500c degrees environment. The glass is delicately crafted by the Tsugaru craftsmen who have mastered the intricate techniques of handmade glass making.

Made in Japan.


Each glass measures 3.74" in diameter x 3.54" height.
Holds 10.1 ounces.


Hand wash only.

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