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Little Seed Farm

Milk Bar Soap

Milk Bar Soap

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Gentle, highly moisturizing, nourishing, and free of perfumes and dyes, the Farmstead Milk Soap is perfect for every day use and safe for those with sensitive skin - little ones included.

Created using fresh, raw milk from Little Seed Farm's own dairy herd. Each bar is proudly handcrafted and cured in small batches using raw goat's milk, certified organic olive oil, & coconut oil.


Why It Works

This bar is the ultimate go-to for sensitive and dry skin. Goats milk provides a soothing and moisturizing effect, making this soap ideal for everyday use.

Manufacturing & Materials

Created with high quality, natural and organic ingredients. All LSF products are certified Cruelty Free; Non-GMO; Paraben Free; Aluminum Free; Gluten Free.
Supports responsible farming techniques and ethical business practices.


Virgin organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, grass-fed goat's milk, sodium hydroxide.

Contains milk, coconut.

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About Little Seed Farm

Little Seed Farm crafts organic soap and skincare using natural and organic ingredients. Their soaps, deodorants and lotions feature organic, grass fed goats milk, which is rich in vitamins and nutrients for your skin.

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