Welcome to Aware House

Your one-stop-shop for high quality, carefully sourced home & lifestyle goods. 


The Idea Behind It All

Nowadays, accessing high quality products made by independent creators and artists is more difficult than it seems. Browsing through the likes of Etsy and Amazon can often be overwhelming, with millions of products of varying quality, and little information as to who the creators of these products actually are. 
Enter, Aware House. An easy-to-navigate online platform where you can purchase your favorite artisanal, high quality goods in one place. With suppliers ranging from independent creators to small/medium scale businesses, we hope to bring awareness to those producing products with quality and purpose. 


A New Shopping Experience

Our aim is to create an online shopping experience that appreciates a higher standard of thought and craftsmanship that these products represent. We offer products that highlight the Aware House brand of minimalistic yet artistic, quality living.  

Our Standards

At Aware House, we look for Suppliers that are informative about their supply, manufacturing and quality practices. We want to connect consumers with brands that let us know who they are, and where and how each product is sourced and created. 


More Information

Please carefully read our Policies page for more information about our brand values and product and supplier sourcing. 


Welcome to Aware House
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This is absolutely incredible what you have done, so proud !!!


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