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Two-Tone Dish Cloth

Two-Tone Dish Cloth

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The Two-Tone Dishcloth features two contrasting but cohesive shades of the same hue. It has eight layers of material, which is ideal for cleaning and scrubbing. The multi-layer Japanese weave increases water absorbency and the textured surface of the towel allows for better cleaning.

    Manufacturing & Materials

    Materials: 100% Rayon. Unique, eight-layer Japanese weave.

    All Nawrap products are made in Nara, Japan, featuring a traditional japenese weaving technique derived from the now lost practice of mosquito net weaving.

    Nawrap's products feature an assortment of natural materials, including rayon, linen, organic cotton, and binchotan charcol.

    Binchotan, also known as white charcol, is a type of charcoal traditionally used in Japanese cooking, and is known for it's anti-odor properties.


    Measures 12 x 12 inches.


    Please do not use with bleach, or place in the dryer.

    Dries quickly after each use.

    Rayon is initially a bit stiff/crispy, but as you continue to use the towels, they will get very soft. To speed up the softening process, soak in boiling water a few times.

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    Discover Nawrap's collection of kitchen towels and cloths made using traditional Japanese weaving methods.

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