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Evening Facial Oil

Evening Facial Oil

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The Pumpskin Evening Facial Oil helps cleanse your skin from the day and allows for it to absorb vitamins as it rejuvenates while you’re asleep.

Nightly application enhances cell renewal and fights free radicals that have built up on your skin during the day. No additives or fragrances. Vegan and cruelty-free.

Use the dropper to place 3-4 drops in the palm of your hands. Rub thoroughly and apply to face and neck. Wait 5 minutes before applying sunscreen or evening serums. Use as a moisturizer or add a few drops to your current moisturizer. 

1 oz. / 30 mL

Why It Works

Pumpkin Seed Oil contains vitamins (A, B2, B3, C, E), unsaturated fatty acids, minerals magnesium, zinc, potassium, and antioxidants to reduce the appearance of acne.

Research shows up to 84% reduction in acne after 3 months. Research has also shown protective effects against UVB-induced skin damage along with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Increases collagen production, cell regeneration, overall hydration in the skin.

Manufacturing & Materials

All Pumpskin products are blended in the USA in small batches using organic, high quality ingredients.


Organic pumpkin seed oil, rose hip seed oil, apricot kernel oil.

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About Pumpskin

Pumpskin is a clean, organic skincare brand whose mission is to help customers get clear skin with clean ingredients.

Formulated with organic pumpkin seed oil, these products are rich in vitamins and minerals designed to heal & nurture your skin.

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