Summer 2023 Essentials

With summer just around the corner, why not upgrade your everyday items with these high quality, Aware House approved Summer 2023 Essentials. 


Shwood Shades

Of course, we all need a good pair of sunglasses for those long summer days, but where to buy from? Shwood is pushing the boundaries of the sunglasses industry, making shades with everything from US premium lumbar, to sustainably sourced seashells, and Italian cellulose acetate. Based out of their facility in Portland, they have turned what used to be a typical sunglasses manufacturing process into somewhat of an art form.

Browse Shwood’s men’s collection here and women’s collection here.

Don’t forget to check out their one of a kind Canby Seashell sunglasses and Canby Cactus sunglasses, made from (that’s right) real seashells and real cactus! Eyewear prices range from $79 to $395.



A Simplified Sunscreen 

The debate about whether or not conventional sunscreens are harmful to our health is ongoing. The 'anti-sunscreen' crowd argue that there are potentially carcinogenic chemicals in these products, which the skin absorbs directly. 

Click here to read the Environmental Working Group’s breakdown of the most common sunscreen ingredients in the United States. 

At Aware House, we like to have options, and believe that when it comes to applying a product to your skin everyday, less is (generally) more. We are increasingly seeing UV protection products come to the market that are created with simpler ingredients, such as those of Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty. 

Made using a base of grass-fed water-buffalo tallow, these products contain zinc oxide, which acts a physical sunblock. This means it is effective in providing sun protection, is water resistant, and does not absorb into the skin. Added bonus: zinc oxide also has anti-inflammatory properties and is safe for ocean reefs!

Check out Buffalo Gal’s Day Balm with UV Protection ($55) made with tallow, emu, and ostrich butter, for an alternative to your everyday SPF.

If you’re looking to get your tan on, pick up some Suntan Oil ($45) made with Emu, lanolin, and mink oil, and fragranced with 100% natural coconut, vanilla, and jasmine.


One Sail, Two Vessels 

Ever wondered what happens with the old sails used for sailboats? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, Sea Bags has the answer. Instead of simply throwing the sails away, Sea Bags has found away to repurpose the material into bags of all shapes and sizes. From sailboat to carrying compartment, this recycling process is a true vessel to vessel upgrade, and is perfect for the avid sailor, kids, or anyone in need of a new summer bag.

The majority of the sails come from Maine and one hundred percent of the materials are sourced in the US. Hand sewn in Portland, this artisanal process guarantees each bag is a little different than the next, making this purchase extra special. 

Sea Bags has an extensive amount of products, shapes, and styles to choose from. Check out their classic Totes for a bag to fit all your beach day necessities ($140 - $500). We also love their Bucket Bags, which provide a fun and colorful twist to the classic beach bag and include great options for kids ($35 - $160).


Quality Cotton Towels  

Summer is synonymous with the beach, pool, sun, and sand. Pick up these USA-made beach towels and picnic blankets from Red Land Cotton for your next summer activity!

Using cotton from their Alabama family farm, Red Land Cotton is creating one hundred percent made in the USA products. Their crop is processed in-house, providing full control over the quality of the cotton fibers used for the final products. Red Land Cotton also works to implement sustainable farming practices in order to minimally impact the surrounding environment.

These products are high quality, luxurious, and timeless, and a smart investment to make if you’re looking to upgrade your everyday towels or bedding. Read more about Red Land Cotton’s story here and check out their blog for more details on their growing and farming practice.

Upgrade your old towels this summer with their classic Beach Towel Collection ($70), inspired by the American coastline, and perfect for your next beach trip or pool day.

Or, if you’re a fan of summer picnics and camping trips, pick up their all American red and white Legacy Tricolor Throw ($270).



Raffia Straw in Style 

It’s relatively easy to find hand-woven straw hats on the likes of Amazon and Etsy, but it isn’t so easy to know who is making them, where they are made, or what straw is used. 

Enter, Lola Hats. Made in Brooklyn, New York, Lola Hats its a slow-fashion boutique that offers a fashionable selection of straw hats, perfect to shield you from the summer sun. The items are one hundred percent hand-made to order, meaning no two hats are alike, and made with premium Raffia straw, which is known to last a lifetime. Check out their Instagram for a first-hand look into their manufacturing process and facility!

Pick up your Lola Hat here - prices range from $200 to $638.


Summer 2023 Essentials
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