Top 10 Summer Essentials

This summer we wanted to deep-dive into our Top 10 Summer Essentials and let you know what it is that we love so much about these products. 

Ranking our favorites from #10 to #1 (#1 being our all time favorite pick of the summer) was no easy task, but we know you’ll love them just as much as we do!

# 10 – Rose Lip Tint

Coming in at number ten, the Rose Lip Tint is one of our go-to beauty staples for this summer. The smooth formula can be applied to any areas of the face for a natural rosy flush, including lips, cheeks, eyes, or your nose for a sun-kissed glow. Made in Tennessee by Little Seed Farm, the Rose Tint is formulated with 100% clean, organic ingredients, including beeswax, raw honey, and vitamin E, to nourish and hydrate the skin.

# 9 – Rosemary Tangerine Candle & Diffuser 

For our ninth pick we are highlighting two of our household favorites for the summer. Enjoy the refreshing, crisp blend of rosemary, thyme, and mandarin with the Rosemary Tangerine Candle & Diffuser. Handmade in Ohio by Peripeti Home, these items are perfect for bringing an air of summer brightness to your space. Even better, they are made in collaboration with a faith-forward non-profit in Cleveland, Ohio that helps provide meaningful work to those in less-fortunate positions, so each purchase truly makes a difference in the local community!

# 8 – Swell Recycled Cotton Blanket

At number eight we have a go-to beach or picnic staple. The Swell Blanket by Atlantic Blankets is our favorite item to help you create special memories this summer. Both aesthetic and functional, it features a reversible swell pattern that is reminiscent of the ocean’s waves. Available in gray or seafoam green, the Swell Blanket is made in the UK using a blend of recycled cotton and other materials from recycled clothing!

# 7 – Mineral Sun Duo

Our number seven pick stands out for all the right reasons. In recent years we have seen many big-brand sunscreens highly criticized or even recalled due to the use of carcinogenic ingredients in their formulas. That’s why we love the Mineral Sun Duo by KOA. The mineral face and body creams are designed to fight UVA and UVB rays and stay on the skin for hours. Made by Hawwaian brand KOA, the reef-safe formula is designed with the ocean in-mind using Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, which does not bleach coral or harm marine life.

# 6 – Orange Vetiver Deodorant 

Our number six pick is a special summer seasonal release from Little Seed Farm. The Orange Vetiver Deodorant combines bright citrus with smoky vetiver for a refreshing yet complex blend. Perfect for your next vacation, vetiver is known as the oil of tranquility and features warm and dry notes of hay, leather, and earth, while orange rejuvenates and brightens. This deodorant nourishes the underarms using organic goat's milk from the Little Seed farm, and the clean-ingredient formula does a great job at keeping you smelling fresh all day long!

# 5 – Andalusian Sangria Pitcher 

Our fifth item is a summer tableware staple, the Sangria Pitcher. Decorated with classic Mediterranean colors of blue and white, this pitcher is not only functional, but also serves as a beautiful accent piece to any dining table. Hand crafted by Fajalauza in Granada, Spain, this pitcher is a true work of art and embodies the rich culture and history of Andalusia.

# 4 – Summer Seizure Fragrance 

At number four, we have an essential addition to your summer days and nights. Featuring Finnish white rose, neroli, and black pepper, embrace the scent of summer with the Summer Seizure Fragrance by Hetkinen. This perfume is crisp and light with notes of lavender and lemon, while vanilla and neroli add powdery, floral flavors. The unisex blend is designed to merge with your natural scent and is made with essential oils and fragrance components so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin all summer long.

# 3 – The Bahia Sandal 

At number three we have one of our custom creations from Acaiaca, the Bahia Sandal. Our go-to footwear for this summer, these handmade sandals are stylish and elegant and can be worn from the beach to the evening. Handmade in Brazil using traditional shoe making techniques, each pair of sandals is built to last you for years to come. 

# 2 – Flowers Glass

Our number two pick is the Flowers Glass by Trocadero 1903. These glasses are formed from up-cycled bottles of rose and each one has its own unique floral design that will add a bright pop of color to your glassware collection! A fun and simple way to bring your summer dining table to life! 

# 1 – Sile Maxi Dress

And finally, our number one top 10 summer essential is the Organic Sile Maxi by This dress is a closet staple for your summer wardrobe. It’s elegant silhouette featured four slits at the base, creating a truly effortless look. Made with the utmost care and quality, each dress is hand woven using traditional loom techniques from the Sile Region of turkey. The dresses are then individually washed in the ocean and dried on the sand, a traditional technique that is said to soften the cotton for wear. 

We hope you enjoy our Top 10 Summer Essentials and can try them out for yourself this summer! Let us know your favorites in the comments. 

Top 10 Summer Essentials
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