Mother's Day: Gifts for Her

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so we wanted to provide you with some Aware House approved gifts for your mother, or any of the women in your life!


Spring and Summer Kitchen Essentials 

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. For those mothers that spend time in the kitchen, why not get them some upgraded products and accessories? 

Portland Apron Co is a US based company that produces aprons, art smocks, and tableware made from high quality linen. Linen is a natural material with has antibacterial properties and brings a rustic touch to the everyday apron. 

All of Portland Apron Co's pieces are designed, sewn, and packaged in the US and most of their materials are made using organic hemp and cotton. Read more about Portland Apron Co’s sourcing and materials here. 



Gift recommendation: You can’t go wrong with a classic Farm Apron ($88) and matching Linen Hand Towels ($35). The floral patterned Table Runner ($74) is a perfect addition to any spring or summer meal, and don’t forget placemats ($29) and napkins ($35) to match! 


Custom Bath Caddies 

Nothing is better than a nice relaxing bubble bath, and there’s no better addition than a beautiful bath caddy from Timber Wolf Wild Woods. Each board is one-of-a-kind and crafted using locally sourced, premium quality wood that is procured in alignment with sustainable forestry practices (FSC). These boards are all natural and never stained, and you can use them to hold a book, laptop, or tablet, candles, or your drink of choice! This business is owned and operated by a single mother as well, so very well suited for a Mother’s Day gift!


Gift recommendation: We recommend going with their classic Walnut Bath Caddy (starting at $115) and adding in cutouts to hold a tablet, wine glass holder, and stemless glass holder. Prices vary based on size.


Manuka Honey Skin & Hair Care 

Honeyskin Organic is a made in the USA, responsibly sourced company creating products with minimal ingredients, and uses the super ingredient of Manuka honey to add a rejuvenating boost to your routine. The products are cruelty, sulfate, and paraben free and packaged from recycled materials. 

Manuka honey used is sourced from New Zealand, and offers antibacterial, reparative, nourishing and healing properties that may be helpful in treating a variety of skin issues, from acne and dark sports to eczema and psoriasis. 


Gift recommendation: Honeyskin Organic’s Skin Purification Kit ($64) is a well rounded variety set, perfect for upgrading your mother’s skincare routine. The kit includes a face and body wash, microdermabrasion scrub, face and body Cream, and nano-serum. 

For new mothers or those looking to nourish their skin further, we recommend the Bio-Pure Body Oil for Stretch Marks & Scars (4 fl.oz, $18.99; 8 fl.oz, $29.99).



Tallow & Olive Oil Makeup & Skincare

To complement the Manuka skin care regimen, we thought it made sense to recommend makeup that is also gentle, non-toxic, and made with carefully sourced ingredients. 

Toups & Co Organics is a made in the USA brand focused on providing families with products that are one-hundred percent good-for-you. Their favorite ingredients include olive oil, grass-fed beef tallow, and essential oils, and they say “no” to many everyday products found in other makeup and skin products. Toups & Co’s ingredient sourcing also helps support organic US farms with pasture raised cattle. Read more about the ingredients used here.


Gift recommendation: We recommend Toup's best selling Liquid Foundation ($48), which comes in twelve shades. They even have a Foundation Shade Match Quiz if you're not sure which shade is the right pick. Throw in a Cream Cheek Tint ($30) and their Long Lash Mascara ($26) and you’re good to go!

For new mothers, the Baby Wash Set ($40) is a clean and safe option to use on your newborn, and includes a body wash and shampoo as well as Toup’s Baby Balm. 



Handcrafted Journals 

A truly unique, one of a kind gift is that of Anne Marie Design’s Journals. These hand-stitched journals use the highest quality leather, cowhide, and watercolor papers, and are handcrafted using no machinery whatsoever. The journals incorporate handwritten phrases and watercolor art to add an artistic and personal touch, and no two journals are alike. 

The paper in the journals is hand-torn to size, 140 lb cold-pressed watercolor paper, perfect for everything from writing, creative thinking and journaling, to watercolor, acrylic paints, chalks, sketching and more. Once you've filled the pages the journal, you can send it back and have the pages refilled (at an additional cost). 


Gift recommendation: These pieces are limited; take a look at what Anne Marie has in stock here (prices range from $265 - $295)




Mother's Day: Gifts for Her
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